Not-for-profit 501©3 Org. 

Get Kids Off The Streets Project (G-KOTS)


Ms. A. Beato,

Executive Director/Artistic Director/ Founder

Mrs. M. Chevere, Vice-President

Mrs. J. Flores-Caban, Secretary/ Treasurer

Mr. J. Pitre, Educational /Development Director

Ms. M. Burnet, Director of Volunteers


Ms. C. SIlva, Social Media Coordinator

Ms. J. Ramos , Event Coordinator. Asst

Studio Location:
475 – 41 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Corporate Mailing Address:
49 Buffalo Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233

OfficeTel:  646-481-1818




Dear Visitor;

The G-KOTS project provides exceptional career, educational, character and professional support to the youth in our community, we link education, professionalism and character development with self-awareness, self-esteem, leadership and cultural identity through performing and visual arts.  With the support of individuals and businesses like yourself, who share my concerns for our youth's future.  Together we can fight this battle and make a change.

As a single mom who raised two girls, maintaining the values and morals of our culture and society was a real challenge, while working full time, volunteering as an Auxiliary Police Officer and pursuing a higher education degree, not only did I grow more determined to have my kids aim for higher education, but their friends and their generation as well.

Our society is affected by much ignorance, crime and misleading of our youth. Without the proper balance of support at home, school and a social environment like ours, they can get lost in the circumstances that surround them. Your support to our program allows us to serve as the outlet that enables them to know, that although they come from different and/or controversial backgrounds, they have a choice not to be victims of their circumstances and that despite the circumstances they face on a daily basis, we are the excuse that motivates and inspires them to keep going.

 Here are some ways you may help:

# 1  - Make a  monetary DONATION to help cover the overhead cost of our Annual Fundraiser event t or another G-Kots Event

# 2 - Become a VENDOR SPONSOR at one of our events & boost sales, promote to a new audience and gain more clients? 

 #3 - ADVERTISING SPONSOR; :  Want to advertise your business or service?  become an advertising sponsor: Have a Banner, Back Drop Logo, Program Ad, and announcements on our website, social media and events.

# 4 – SPONSOR A SPECIFIC NEED  for the G-KOTS program


# 6 - “ADVOCACY” - In addition monetary support, One of the best forms of support you can give us is, by helping us spread the word:

  *  we need people to know we are here!

  * we need people to know we care about our youth, our communities and the future of both. 

I ask that you be an advocate on our behalf, connect us with people who care just as much, talk to others about us and make them aware of what we do, Like & share our posts, refer friends and family and hopefully as our participant numbers grow, our support to keep it going and make it a better program each day, will do so too.

I thank you in advance, for your time and for visiting our website, I personally want to invite you to please join us on, at one of our events and experience the shows and the bond we build within the kids in our program, front and center.  I feel that the best way for you to advocate on our behalf is by experiencing with your own eyes what we do, what we built and how it impacts the lives of the youth we work with


Ms. Arelis Beato

Founding Executive & Artistic Director