Tropical Image Inc. is a not- for profit 501-© 3 Corp., founded by Ms. Arelis Beato in 2007, Ms. Beato created a program and a curriculum that links Social, Academics, Professionalism, Arts, to Character & Cultural development through the art of Dance.

Tropical Image proud to be a minority-woman owned Organization and will continue to encourage and promote Cultural awareness, goals for higher education, Professionalism, Respect for morals and values that make us law abiding, independent citizens of our country and  the community we live in.

This initiative/program was named “The Get Kids off the Streets Project” (G-KOTS) and it promotes creative thinking and self- expression, while reinforcing the use of Language arts, History, Reading, Writing and other subjects in education, G-KOTS is open to Kids  and young adults as early as Pre-K though College.  The curriculum challenges the minds of all ages and the development workshops are customized to each age group.

Tropical Image Inc.’s G-KOTS, has been very successful in increasing health awareness, provide educational enrichment in all subject areas, improved public speaking, confidence and self-esteem in our youth.

Tropical Image Inc.’s G-KOTS’ unique teaching style uses muscle memory, association, and creative thinking; It encourages confidence, discipline, respect for self and others.   G-KOTS has served hundreds of participants since its inception in 2001 and has given the opportunity to many of its participants to travel and the honor to be part of some of the most prestigious performing arts events as well as meet some of the most highlighted artists in the music and dance industry.



Not-for-profit 501©3 Org. 

Get Kids Off The Streets Project (G-KOTS)

Tropical Image Inc. Dance Principles

Timing & Musicality: Accuracy by clear interpretation that connects each move with the Music.
Control & Coordination: Being able to Balance and distribute Body weight for a seamless transition between steps
Precision and synchronization: Ability to clearly execute each step with proper technique as well as work well in a team/group
Enjoyment: Put your own flavor into each step and enjoy every minute of your dance & song through self-expression and comfort ability.

Tropical Image Inc. Values
Learning: Knowledge is power, and by providing a brief history on each of the dance styles learned, including icons, significant dates, Origin of style, etc. we hope to ignite further interest in our participants that will lead to further research on the subject and gain more knowledge. To ensure retention and reinforce research, writing and reading skills, the participants are required to complete an essay on the topic, and take a review pop quiz.

Responsibility: we teach time management by allowing them to balance out the rehearsals, classes, family time, school work, social life, shows, etc.  This area reinforces independency, and prioritizing.
Leadership: The participants are assigned roles in class, events, and open houses; this teaches them how to handle responsibility, follow through on projects, organization skills, problem solving, empathy, sympathy, professionalism and decision making.   This also boosts their self- esteem, independence and confidence.
Creativity: By allowing participants to express themselves in workshops and to have an input in the creation of their showcases and events, the participants take on the sense of responsibility for creating a unique theme at each performance and event, They also gain confidence in their talent and develop a sense of team work and team effort and the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction once they see the results of their work.
Friendships: In our Cultural awareness workshops, we highlight the diversity we live amongst in our communities and by understanding the different cultures, nationalities, religions, their history and customs, that each participant is exposed to on a daily basis, we create a more tolerant community and build better relationships that results in lasting, sincere and caring friendships.
Perseverance: We teach our participants that with persistence, hard work and dedication, success is surely to be attained. Students are challenged on a regular basis, via quiz for review, deadlines for projects, changes and adjustments, all of which test their tolerance, problem solving, time management, multitasking skills, and commitment to the program, their team and mostly their success.

Tropical Image Inc. Programs & Services:

Weekend Program - As of now, Tropical Image Inc.'s G-KOTS project is a weekend program that operates out of our main Studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

Community & Afterschool programs we have extended our program to the communities at various Parks Dept. Community Centers and After School Program in NYC’s Public Schools.  We plan to expand to an After School Program based out of our Main studio.

Educational Support Services to all our participants is provided on a one on one basis. Individual study guides are also created to reinforce, review and maintain a clear understanding of the material.

Professional Development workshops provide guidance and give our youth the drive to aspire and reach for a career that will allow them to love their line of work, use their creativity and talent hence giving them a much happier future as adults. 

We back this support by hosting a Summer Youth Employment Program, giving them the opportunity to intern at our studio and providing letters of recommendation and/or connecting them with jobs opportunities, referrals and trainings in their field of interest

Character & Leadership Development workshops teach image shifting, professionalism self-respect, time management, budgeting, common courtesy, Public speaking and much more.

In the Arts, Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Vocal, Modeling, etc.), Our participants have been highlighted and featured in some of the most prestigious performing arts venues and events throughout the Latin/Mambo community in both the USA, and Abroad.   

Visual Arts (Drawing/ photography, etc.); to support our young artists, we have partnered with designers that allow our students to express their Visual talents and promote them as well.

 Annual Fundraiser - Tropical Image Inc. does NOT receive funding for grants from the Government or City; The Organization is funded through private donations, the Founder and the Educational Directors of the program.   We offer all our services to the Young people in our community FREE or at LOW COST.  To help offset the cost of space, costumes, etc., we host an annual fundraiser “THE BROOKLYN SALSA CONGRESS & DANCE FESTIVAL”.

PERFORMANCE TEAMS: We have a several Performance teams based on levels and expertise, which allow our participants the opportunity to train on a higher scale and continue their dance/ performance dreams.

                                                                                                                                                                         "It is never too late to pursue your dreams."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jonathan Pitre

Ashley Romloechen, Noemi Mercado, Caitlin Ceverizzo,

Jamileth Ramos, Ki,berly Figueroa

Willie Concepcion, Jamileth Ramos, Brittney Maldonado, Justin Pagan, Alexus Flores, Rio Santos

Christian Pinto, Jasmine De la Cruz, Johanni Paulino, Amanda Vasquez, Cheyenne Brunet, Jeremy Almonte

Alexus Flores, Alex Gomez


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