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Arelis “Magic Feet” Beato…Arelis was born in Dominican Republic and raised in Park slope, she has been part of the Sunset Park Community for over 15 years.  She started her Dance training in Ballet, Modern & Flamenco in Jr. High School, and has been the President/Founder of Latin Dance Teams in Jr. High School, High School and College.  She was introduced to Salsa on 2 in 1999 and trained with the best in NYC’s Mambo Scene.  She has choreographed, taught and performed with some of the best and alongside the top in the world. She has also produced Latin Showcases and Collaborations that have earned many of today’s dancers recognition and served as their stepping stones to where they are today in the Mambo scene.

She teaches Salsa on 2, On 1, Cha Cha, Bachata, Merengue and substitutes on all other genres taught at the studio.

DESTINY PINO…Destiny is from Brooklyn, NY and is a Dance major at Lehman College, She started dancing Classical at the age of 7 and was introduced to Salsa Dance at Tropical Image at the age of 11, Since then, she has gained experience in choreography, teaching and performance with Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center, Mark Morris, and Tropical Image.  She is excited to be teaching in the styles of Ballet, contemporary, Modern and Jazz at Tropical Image and looks forward to making a difference in our young people and their dance education.

JONATHAN E. PITRE, MBA… is a South Jersey native, raised in Camden, NJ, on the sounds of Motown and freestyle music. He was introduced to Salsa dancing during his undergrad years at Saint Peter’s University where he received B.A degrees in Political Science, Sociology, and Marketing Risk Management.  He continued his Salsa dancing under the guidance & Mentorship of Ms. Arelis “Magic Feet” Beato and has since then travelled and performed as one of the company’s main dancers and Ms. Arelis’ Dance Partner. 

In 2016 Jon completed Two MBA Degrees in Business Management and Finance from St. Peter’s University Jon is currently the Development & Educational Director of Tropical Image Inc.’s “Get Kids off the Street Program” and leads all academic tutoring, college readiness, and character development workshops as well as the Cultural and Professional education sessions in the program.

MARIA BRUNET... is from Brooklyn , NY, Joined Tropical Image as a Parent of a GKOTS member and became our Director of Volunteer Services when her daughter went off to College 2 years ago.  She has always been involved and supportive of our GKOTS program and as an Executive Administrative Assistant at New York Life, she leads our Volunteer program with NYL and is an active leader of other great causes and volunteer events such as Breast Cancer walk, AIDS walk & others.