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Self Improvement Program

* Self-Improvement program provides guidance and gives our youth the drive to aspire and reach for a career that will allow them to love their line of work and use their creativity and talent, hence giving them a much happier future as adults. We back this support by hosting a Summer Youth Employment Program, giving them the opportunity to intern at our studio and providing letters of recommendation and/or connecting them with job opportunities, referrals and trainings in their field of interest

* Academic Support program provides tutoring and test prep practice which allows our members to be confident in the material and subject areas they may struggle with and/or need support to advance.

* Character, Professionalism & Leadership Development workshops teach image shifting, professionalism self-respect, time management, budgeting, common courtesy, Public speaking and much more.

* Counseling & Mental Health Support provides a listening ear and emotional support when needed, teaches self and emotional management and referals when necessary.

* Modeling Component provides a love for self image and confidence while teaching ethicate and mannerism both in social and professional environments.


These services are available to all our members on an individual basis, upon request; however, they are all incorporated into all our Dance & Theater programs as part of their curriculum.