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November 5, 2019 - November 26, 2019

Salsa Bootcamp 4 Weeks

Tuesday 8 PM - 10PM

Tropical Image Classes

Cover fundamentals, Body Movement, Styling, spacing and focus on proper lead and follow techniques to facilitate the ability to social dance and execute steps and turns with ease and universally. You will understand History, musicality and all aspects of making dance fun and comfortable overall.

IMPORTANT- All sales are final, There are no refunds

There are no make ups for classes missed.

ADVANCEMENT/EVALUATION: At end of each level, you may be assigned a level for Next cycle, based on your Instructor's suggestion and observations of your overall progress.

To advance, you MUST be able to excuse 85% of the material taught comfortable and have knowledge of the material when quizzed.

FYI - Tropical Image Inc. has a curriculum of instruction that has been effective for over 18 years, it has taught many of the great dancers the Salsa Community enjoys today. 

We guarantee you will see a change in your dance skills provided you practice as individually or generally suggested by your instructors and as long as you follow the techniques and instructions as they are taught in the classes.

Salsa Boot Camp

Open to Intermediate and Advance Dancers.

Co-Ed Styling and Body Movement

Shines and Partnerwork

Solo and Partnerwork Spinning technique

Let's get on the Dance Floor!

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