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TROPICAL IMAGE DANCE STUDIO, is more than a Dance Studio, we are an extension to family, the classes are an experience on their own and the atmosphere is always welcoming and caring.

The Studio offers a fantastic mix of professionalism and talent; Blending in different disciplines and styles, the instructors can easily move from one genre to another, creating exciting, challenging, high energy and fun classes.

In a nutshell, Tropical Image has and is still creating a path that unites people with one universal language. We guide our Community and students to build their own paths in more than just dance.


Classical-students focus on the structure of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary dance while emphasizing technique, posture, and history of each style.

Salsa-focuses on the on2 New York style salsa. Instructors go over the history and origins, the instrumental elements, the dances pioneers, body movement, technique, and social dancing.

Bachata- focuses on the classical and modern versions of the Dominican dance. Instructors go over the history and origins, the instrumental elements, the dances pioneers, body movement, technique, and social dancing.

Theater- Students will be introduce to various elements of theater, acting, improv, stage management, choreography, and story board creation.

Latin Hustle- Learn how to move your body to your favorite songs with New York Hustle, also known as La Hustle, or 3-Step hustle. 

Ballet- Our students learn both French and Russian Schools of ballet learning the fundemental terminology and movements 

Contemporary- Students will learn how to bend, flex, and shape their bodies to the emotional dance form of Contemporary ballet. 


Our class cycles/levels run on a 12-week cycle and work on a progressive manner to ensure advancement and proper learning technique. 

Our curriculum is designed to teach theory and physical application. Courses are divided into different levels with a minimum requirement to be eligible to advance to the next level; Student skill and theory assessment and evaluations are conducted on a regular basis and at the end of each level to ensure their readiness for advancement to the next level.

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult to adapt and learn a new style of dance, however, our patient, trained, and experienced staff will make sure you get there.

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Long Island Specality Boot Camp Classes

Bootcamp series will cover fundamentals, Body Movement, Styling, spacing and focus on proper lead and follow techniques to facilitate the ability to social dance and execute steps and turns with ease and universally.


Previous Dance Experience/ Knowledge of the Basic steps and Turns in Salsa On2; Bootcamp will refresh fundamentals from Beginner level and introduce turn techniques used in social dancing; it will teach you to social dance with comfort and understand adjustment to leads and follows of different levels. Timing, Body movement, Weight Transfer and spacing are all major part of this Bootcamp.


Understanding and knowledge of fundamentals, lead/follow techniques, Basic Right/Left/ Inside/Outside/ Copa turns; both male and female should be able to Double Spin at minimum, proper weight transfer and knowledge of Salsa On2 Terminology. This level connect the Adv Beg/ Intermediate level techniques into combinations that can be used while social dancing, it will allow room for creativity and own expression on the dance floor. Timing, Rhythm, Breaks, Body movement, Styling, Weight transfer, Improvisation, Creativity and fun while dancing are the focus of this Bootcamp.

FALL 8 week Bootcamp Class Schedule 
11am - Adv. Beg / Inter
12pm - Inter/ Adv
Class Dates
Nov. 4,11, 18, 25, 2018
Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23, 2018
(Ends 10/15/18)
1 Bootcamp -$85  ***  Both Bootcamps - $120)
Bootcamp Regular Prices
(as of 10/11)
1 Bootcamp - $100.00 - 8 week Boot Camp
BOTH Bootcamps - $150.00 - 8 week Boot Camp
Space is limited
Registration ends 10/27/18
IMPORTANT- All sales are final, There are no refunds
There are no make ups for classes missed.
At end of Bootcamp you may be assigned a level for Next Bootcamp or Class Cycle, based on your Instructor's suggestion.
To advance, you MUST be able to excuse 85% of the material taught comfortable and have knowledge of the material when quizzed.
FYI - Tropical Image Inc. has a curriculum of instruction that has been effective for over 18 years, it has taught many of the great dancers the Salsa Community enjoys today. 
We guarantee you will see a change in your dance skills provided you practice as individually or generally suggested by your instructors and as long as you follow the techniques and instructions as they are taught in the classes.