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General Policies

* All SALES for services are final, Non-refundable, Non-transferable - No make ups, exchanges, or substitutions. If you miss a class; Please make sure you arrive early to next session to catch up on missed work, during the review portion of the class.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes to classes
  • SUEDE BOTTOM DANCE SHOES Suggested in all classes (Jazz Shoes, Ballroom shoes, etc.) see our store shoes for option
  • Please refrain from wearing rubber or sticky sole shoes
  • Attendance is Key to progress; Please do your best to attend All of your sessions in the cycle
  • Classes start/end on time, please be prompt & consistent with attendance.
  • All Cycle class registrations close on 2nd week of Class
  • Classes meet on same day, Same time Once per week
  • There are 4 classes p/month
  • There are no Make ups/ substitutions due to absences.
  • We reserve the right to move a start date due to low enrollment in a cycle.
  • To advance, you MUST be able to execute 85% of the material taught with comfort and have knowledge of the material when quizzed.

Pre-registration is required.
PRIVATE Lessons require 50% deposit at time of booking; Private lessons cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice, will forfeit deposit.

* CLASSES ARE ALWAYS IN SESSION regardless of weather, etc. in the rare event that a class is canceled by the studio for any reason, the material will be covered as the Director sees fit in the next coming sessions, such cancellation/studio closing will be posted on our WEBSITE CALENDAR at least 2 hours before the 1st scheduled class of the day. IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE TEXT THE STUDIO # (718) 704-9443 

* IMPORTANT: Please be respectful of all our staff and other students, Arrive to class on time and be courteous

* Please refrain from using cell phones while class is in session. 

* In the event, there is an issue, please bring it to the attention of the front desk in person or via Email/text to the Executive Director at the email and contact # above.

Free/Sponsored Program Policies

The G-KOTS FREE/SPONSORED enrollment requires consistent attendance.
Students are allowed 2 absences per Cycle (Fall- Winter - Spring - Summer)
Students exceeding the allowed absences will be removed from the program

ABSENCES start counting as of the 1st day of attendance.
All students must sign in each time they attend classes to avoid errors on attendance logs;
Missed log ins count as an absence, Please make sure, the student or drop off person logs in to ensure proper attendance credit.

We know you have a choice in dance studios, and we thank you for choosing us as your dance family, we have been serving the community for 17 years and have created Brooklyn's Finest Dancers, World Dance Champions, Judges, Performers and professionals in other areas all at little to no cost to you.

Should you need to contact us for any reason, please email

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